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Friday, October 21, 2005

Blogspot - We can run, but we cannot hide

The only way to affect change and prevent the complete moral degredation of our culture is for us to unite and speak out against the things we disagree with and vote for people who support the things we believe in. We must do both. Simply voting people into office is passive. It only involves pushing a button, and then we are tempted to turn away and believe we have done our part to solve the problems of the world. We must speak out when there are extreme situations which need addressing, like abortion, which will not go away without our involvement.

Without our active involvement and participation, moral entropy will overwhelm us, one issue at a time.

Did you hear about the storefront display at Victoria's Secret last month in Tysons Corner, Virginia? After major outcry from local family groups they unwrapped the rope from the mannequin's arms and changed the girl on girl action a little, but otherwise it is still basically the same. This is a display that is wide open to the public as they go walking by the store. I stood there for about 10 minutes taking pictures and watching people walk by. Almost every single head from passers-by turned toward the display, including children's heads.

Here are some pictures I took from the front of the store. You will see that this display is right in the open, not hidden in the store.

Click here for the rest of the pictures. Some of the pornographic manniquins even have angel wings on them.

As the saying goes "sex sells".

European nations are the leaders of the secularist movement. Amsterdam has had display windows with women in them for many years. The scantily dressed prostitutes displaying their "product".

Most of the issues many of us consider immoral are already legal over there. As a matter of fact, speaking out against homosexuality in some European nations and Canada will land you in jail where you will be branded with a hate crime!

At the Super Bowl here in America we had the scene of exposure by Janet Jackson for titillation and to push the envelope a little bit further. It caused a temporary setback to the secularist movement since so many came out in outrage after her breast cover was intentionally ripped off right in front of 5 year old Johnny sitting on the couch watching the game with dad. It was only temporary though. The secularist movement goes on.

Secularists are pushing the envelope every single day.

> They are slowly but surely removing Christ from the public square
> Children are suspended for praying in school
> They tried to stop a 5 year old child from displaying a picture he drew that had an image of Jesus on it in a public school

> Children were suspended for handing out candy canes in school

> Children are taught that Intelligent Design is a lie and Evolution is the truth
> Children are being politically and socially manipulated in our public schools.

My daughter received a lesser grade on a high school exam because she didn't answer a question the way the teacher "taught her". My daughter said "why did you mark this one wrong, it is an opinion question", to which the teacher replied, "yes, but it's not what I taught you". When I was outraged by this and was ready to go to the school and complain my daughter stopped me. She was afraid if I did so they would give her more bad grades.

A man was arrested for "refusing to leave a scheduled meeting with officials at the Estabrook Elementary School". "Parker said he wouldn't leave unless the officials agreed to provide parental notice of lessons about homosexuality and gave him the option of pulling his child out of the classes".


Thrown in jail.

With handcuffs.

Just because he wanted to be notified when the secularists were going to indoctrinate his child with a book on homosexuality.

The Superintendent of Schools, Paul Ash announced he was ordering all teachers NOT to notify parents when discussing homosexual relationships with schoolchildren.

Why did this happen? Was Mr. Parker just some psychotic anti-homosexual Christian nut who decided to go to school and complain about a possible homosexual conspiracy? No, "The dispute began last spring when Parker's then-5-year-old son brought home a book to be shared with his parents titled, "Who's in a Family?" The optional reading material, which came in a "Diversity Book Bag," depicted at least two households led by homosexual partners".

It's not enough that the schools want to indoctrinate our children, they want us to participate!!!

There is no such thing as neutral, at least not without observation from both sides. One statement I've heard many times is "don't legislate your morals on me". The ultimate goal of the secularist movement, which has achieved power in our schools, our unions, our government and other positions of influence in America, is to remove morality as a gauge. Secular humanism doesn't have morality borders since morality is a religious "hangup." Abortion, Euthanasia, pedophilia, polygamy, beastiality, homosexual/transgender/bi-sexual marriage...these are all going to be legal soon. They will be legal if nobody stands up against them.


NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association has this to say:

"NAMBLA's goal is to end the oppression of men and boys who have mutually consensual relationships."

Think about that the next time you send your boy out to play.

As far as Euthenasia goes, who would have thought that a moving, awake and aware person could be killed in the public square? That's what happened with Terri Schiavo. They said she was in a vegetative state, but anyone who saw the videos knew it was a lie. Who was in control of the whole series of events which led to her murder by starvation?

Secular Humanists.

Secular humanists who believe we should be able to choose and allow others to choose our moment of death made the decision for Terri that she wanted to die. Her husband's attorney is a member of the Hemlock Society, an organization which believes you should be able to kill yourself when you want to. The "leading medical witness in the case, Dr. Ronald Cranford, "was the leading medical voice calling for the deaths of Paul Brophy, Nancy Jobes, Nancy Cruzan, and Christine Busalucci, all of whom were brain-damaged, but not dying."

Everywhere we look we see the moral deterioration of our great nation.

When was the last time you watched daytime cartoons? Many are hate-filled, angry shows presenting kids who are greedy, selfish, angry, spoiled rotten and have no respect for anyone. My son was turning into a brat when we decided enough was enough. We now make sure the shows he watches are decent shows, ones that have values, morals and try to instill confidence, kindness, morals and values, instead of hopelessness, violence, manipulation and hate. (okay, so there is the occasional Bugs Bunny & Tom & Jerry).

What is offered to adults in "prime time"? Desperate Housewives, The Sopranos and other violent and sexually charged shows.

What is a Christian supposed to do? So many are retreating to Homeschooling to avoid "school books" like "Who's in a Family", the book that Mr. Parker's son brought home. Many aren't able to though, so their children are left at the mercy of the secular school boards and teachers. The same school boards and teachers who support Planned Parenthood and their agenda of turning sex into nothing more than a simple physical act which humans enjoy. They consider sex a right at all ages, and anyone who speaks out against them is a religious extremist. I won't say "right-wing" or Republican, not because that isn't what they would typically add to that statement, but because so many Republicans today are going the way of the secularists! How many times have you heard "fiscally conservative, morally liberal" lately?

Yesterday I asked a man if he was proLife. He paused for a second and then answered "yes, I am". I later asked him if he was a conservative Republican and he said yes. Then we got to the topic of abortion. He stated that he believed in life as soon as it is born, not when it is still in the womb. I was stunned. "Why don't you support the life of the person in the womb?" I asked. He responded that Life begins outside of the womb and added that if you removed the fetus from the womb it couldn't live on its own. "If you placed the fetus on the floor it would die, but if you set a baby on the floor I could pick it up and take care of it".

The term "Pro Life" is being redifined more and more every day. Some present the argument that abortion is proLife. This person at www.abortionisprolife. com makes this case. He uses a quote from Ayn Rand to present his material and follows with a video and article by Leonard Peikoff who states that "Abortion Rights are Pro-Life".

Red is blue, up is down and good is bad.

These are the kind of strange discussions I have almost all the time. Nowadays I don't waste a lot of time and breath on these types of debates. I accept the fact that the person I was debating has his opinion and I have mine. It's just that I don't want people with his opinion of life and death being in control of life and death of other human beings, namely yours, mine, our children and our grandchildren.

We have major battles to fight in America. We need to unite to fight them. Our voices have to speak out as one so that we can be heard. There are other great organizations who take on many different issues, but was set up to handle the topic of abortion. It doesn't matter what denomination you are, if you are proLife, unite with us in our effort to end abortion.

Until we unite and demand that abortion end, 4,000 people will die every single day in America.

I challenge every one of you who has gotten to the end of this long article to take the next step and become active in the proLife movement. At the top of you can find other proLife organizations, most of whom have joined the project. Research and pick one of them if you want. Even if you pick another organization, join us in the Monthly March for Life anyway.

We will end abortion through our united proLife voices.

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