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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Case for Evolution

I'm just making a play on the headline of T-Rex at

This is one of his blogs today:

The Case Against Evolution
Really, the only evidence against evolution is the fact that these intelligent design/creationist people exist. That is pretty strong evidence that we haven't evolved.


My Response to him:

You are so witty, you must be a real cut-up at the parties.

Think about this. You liberals believe in abortion right? Therefore you are killing your offspring and will be in the minority, which you already are, as a political party.

Lucky for you we at want to save your liberal babies as well as all the others.

If we didn't do this, you would succeed in killing the majority of your offspring, who as a result of said murder wouldn't be able to pass on your "theory" of evolution to others. would unbreed (my word for liberals supporting abortion) yourselves out of existence!

How's that for evolution? If we let you do what you wanted to do, people like you would no longer be around to misinform our children by "teaching" them we come from pond scum.

That's ironic, you're making a case for evolution that will cause people who think like you to disappear from the earth...kind of like your name - T. Rex.


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