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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sorry to Bother You

Message from proLifer:

I understand your passion and having seen the fire in your eyes, I know you are serious about working hard at the goal of ending abortion.

Now that I've had a chance to look over your site, I have a better feel for what you are advocating people do. It sounds like you just want to bother people into change. There is a way to approach people that doesn't leave them more angry about your position than when they met you. I don't think this is that way.

My Answer:

I don't want to "bother people into change", I challenge people to speak up against abortion on a regular basis.

Many great proLife organizations like and other proLife individuals have God's calling and address specific needs in the proLife community. There is also the need for us to unite in a common message though, and that is the reason for the project.

If a person or organization gets "more angry" at my message, they probably aren't interested in joining us anyway. We at are not trying to change the hearts and minds of people as so many are doing with great success nowadays. is for those who have already decided that abortion is wrong and we need to do more to end it. Thirty two years later and almost 50 million dead speaks for itself.

We need to unite and there is nobody else trying to accomplish this goal. As far as I know, is the only proLife organization dedicated to the unification effort while simultaneously working on establishing monthly activist efforts to help bring our voices to all levels of government.

The question I ask proLifers is "should we end abortion or just talk about how bad it is?".

If we are not doing something specific to end abortion besides voting in proLife representatives, it won't end. On the federal level we must demand an end to Roe vs Wade, and on the local and state levels we must demand an end to abortion and abortive practices.

There are also many other issues we must deal with, like embryonic stem cell research and cloning. These battles must be fought with our united voices on a consistent basis or we will be completely overrun by an out-of-control scientific and medical community. Instead of starting up a separate organization to challenge each of these issues, we at believe it is better to join together, frequently, in a united message of life.

Join us in the Monthly Call for Life at Call, email, fax or march with us on the first Friday of every month until we have won this battle.

Abortion won't end on its own. The unborn need someone to march for them, they won't survive without us.

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