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Monday, October 31, 2005

Right-Wing Extremist Nominee Blogspot

No matter whom President Bush picks as nominee for the Supreme Court, if he doesn't ask for confirmation from the Democrats and the Gang of 14 beforehand, that person wouldn't be supported by Democrats.

So what is a confirmation hearing for anyway? I thought this was the place where Democrats and Republicans were supposed to discuss the qualifications of a presidential nominee for the Supreme Court.

Don't you find it interesting that President Bush went to the Democrats and got their thumbs up on Harriet Miers? If he were going to go to someone, wouldn't he go to Republicans for advice? I thought it was strange that so many Democrats were happy with Miers and told us to give her a chance, even though we knew nothing about her except for the fact that she once supported abortion, got religion and then supposedly turned against it. She was never a judge and had never ruled on anything except for what she was going to have for dinner.

Senator Reid said:

"In choosing a replacement for Ms. Miers, President Bush should not reward the bad behavior of his right wing base. He should reject the demands of a few extremists and choose a justice who will protect the constitutional rights of all Americans.”,2933,173665,00.html

First of all, he mentions the "base" of the Republican party. What is the "base?" Isn't that something like the foundation of a house? Isn't the foundation of the house supposed to be solid and stable? Isn't the base of the party the group of people who are the primary supporters and financiers of the people who are in office?

With all that in mind, why wouldn't the base of the party expect the president, whom they supported and financed all the way to the presidency, to nominate a person with like-values, morals and direction?

I'm tired of all the "pandering to the base" statements. The nomination of Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the biggest "pandering to the base" nominee in the history of this country and she was overwhelmingly approved by Democrats and Republicans. Republicans have been trying to unite American politics for too long, at the cost of millions of American lives. President Ronald Reagan was wrong to appoint a Pro-Abortion nominee Sandra Day O'Connor, but obviously she wasn't the only mistake Republicans have made in selecting replacement judges.

In an opinion piece by Gina Holland from the Associated Press you can see how much of a difference she thinks a conservative nominee will make:

"A new justice will not make the difference on Roe v. Wade in the court's present configuration. Besides the moderate O'Connor, five of the eight other justices have endorsed a woman's right to the procedure."

She has a great point and it shows how much it takes to change the political landscape of a nation. We vote Pro-Lifers in at the local, state and federal levels, but for all of this to flow around it takes a lot of prayer, time, effort and 100% determination by all. We have had a lot of great successes, but Roe vs Wade is still the law of the land and won't change unless we demand that it change.

Abortion is murder and yet it is legal. 4,000 human beings a day are killed by "doctors" with government permission.

Please don't let your Pro-Life involvement end with a vote and believe that you have done all you can to end abortion. Over 45 million human beings have died through 32 years of politics and really all we are talking about is more politics.

If you are Pro-Life, vote for Pro-Life representatives, but don't let it end there. We must expect our nominees to do what is right regardless of political affiliation. They shouldn't get caught up in politics when it comes to Life issues, but they do.

If you are Pro-Life and are black, white, Asian, Democrat, Libertarian, Republican, man or woman, you should demand an end to abortion, regardless of who the senators are, regardless of who the president is, regardless of who your congressmen are.

Unite with us in the Monthly March for Life at We contact our representatives once a month on the first Friday to let them know we want them to end abortion. Help us get the word out to others that we need to act together in our Pro-Life efforts.

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