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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blogspot - Religious Nut?

Someone asked me "why do you have to be a religious nut to be Pro-Life"?

You don't

The Pro Life movement welcomes all those who are for Life and against abortion. I just happen to be a "religious nut" Christian.

If you are Pro Life and believe abortion must end you should join our efforts at regardless of my religious affiliation or personal beliefs.

I may not agree with your choices and pray that you choose different ones, but you have the right to be a homosexual, an atheist or whatever.

I choose to be a Christian.

The bigger question is how do we unite to defend life? We agree that this is an important issue right? We can debate our disagreements another time in another place.

I will defend the lives of all human beings on this planet, because in my religion we are all God's children and have a right to live.

I am defending the rights of all of those whom I disagree with to be born. I am defending the rights of all those who oppose me to be born.

I am an equal opportunity Pro Lifer :)

No matter what you believe, no matter what your party, join us at and unite with us to end abortion.
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