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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pro-Life Republicans? Blogspot

In the article Pro Life Regardless I showed how our Republican Senator of Virginia showed that he isn't Pro-Life. My daughter got a letter from Representative Frank R. Wolf (R) who has also bailed from defending Life.

He said:

I share your opposition to abortion and have consistently supported legislation to prohibit federal funding of abortion, except in the case of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is threatened. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind if I am given an opportunity to consider legislation regarding abortion in the House of Representatives during the 109th Congress.

If Frank Wolf were Pro-Life he would have mentioned H.R. 552, a "House" bill that was submitted by Rep. Duncan Hunter. It is known as the "Right to Life" bill.

If Frank Wolf were Pro-Life he wouldn't just speak against "federal funding of abortion" and he wouldn't have exceptions thrown in either.

That's two Pro-Choice Republican representatives in Virginia. The words "Pro-Life Republican" are losing their meaning. Republicans used to stand for morals and values and could be counted on to be solid Pro-Lifers.

We don't feel that way anymore.

That is why we at don't care what the letter is after the politicians name. What we do is encourage our representatives to end abortion, regardless of what party is in power or what party represents us in our state.

I know there are many solid Pro-Life Republicans out there, but we can't count on our representatives to end abortion without our encouragement. It's been 32 years and over 45 million people have been killed by abortion, and 4,000 more are killed ever day.

Now we hear that America is joining the third world countries by starting a gender/sex selection trial. article

Not happy with another boy? Don't worry, you can legally kill him and pick a girl instead.

Don't want a child with Down Syndrome? Go ahead, kill him/her and pick another.

Don't want 3 kids because of In Vitro Fertilization? Don't worry, we can "selectively reduce" one of them away for you.

Having a hard time paying the bills and are suddenly saddled with an "unexpected pregnancy"? Well come right down to your local Planned Parenthood office and let us "plan" your future for you!

The only way this insanity is going to end is if we Pro-Lifers unite!

Join us at We call, email, fax, write or march for the unborn once a month, on the first Friday.

Please speak for those who can't speak for themselves.

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