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Monday, October 24, 2005

Comment - The Common Room: News and Views: The Miers Nomination

The Common Room: News and Views: The Miers Nomination

The question we have to ask about the Miers' nomination is do we have to pick a woman to replace a woman on the Supreme Court?

Let's look at this from a combat perspective. If you have a difficult situation to tackle, would you pick a woman just because you want to be politically correct? Of course not. You would pick the best person for the job, and the best person MIGHT be a woman, but shouldn't be picked because she IS a woman. If a commander picked a woman because he had to, he might just be sending her to her death.

The politically correct atmosphere in America has gone overboard. Affirmative action and the Equal Rights Amendment force employers to hire possibly unqualified individuals because of their race and sex which causes our corporations and military to become less effective. On top of that, since people are selected because of law and not qualifications don't have to meet the requirements in order to qualify for jobs, school and the military, they aren't pressured to live up to the standards which those positions require.

I don't have a problem with these kinds of "catch up" laws to be implemented for a short time, but I believe that so many years later, the time is over.

Harriet Miers is not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. To use the excuse that other, more qualified individuals refused the nomination for fear of being attacked by the Democrats, or because other Republicans feared they would be too fiercely challenged is all the more reason they should have been selected for the office.

In my opinion, President Bush should have picked Janice Rogers Brown, who definitely counts as one of the most qualified people in the United States to serve on the Supreme Court. She just happens to be a woman.

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