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Friday, November 04, 2005

"Of course he's against abortion." Blogspot

Let me first say that we may disagree on politics, but we agree on Life, and Life must come first.

Judge Alito's mother made the statement "of course he's against abortion." to the press, and both sides of the aisle are jumping on it as ammunition to support or oppose his nomination to the Supreme Court. He may be "against abortion" but that doesn't mean he will do a thing to end it.

I don't believe anything until I see it and hear it myself.

Many people are saying that Judge Alito is Pro-Life. I wouldn't go that far. Since we haven't come up with a definition of Pro-Life which everyone can agree upon, this term is used too loosely.

How about if we use something like this as a definition:

Pro-Life = Stop abortion now / End Roe vs Wade asks if we Pro-Lifers are just in denial. I say yes, and I think it's more than that. I think we are desperate for a Pro-Life individual to be picked for any major position in the Bush administration! President Bush has stacked his administration and his personal life with people who are opposed to ending Roe vs Wade. Can you name one top member of his administration who is Pro-Life and has made the statement "Roe vs Wade needs to be overturned"? brought up a problem that I believe is affecting all of us Pro-Lifers.

Pro-Life Denial

We have been voting for Pro-Life candidates, and for the most part just pressing the R button thinking that Republicans would be the ones to end abortion. The problem is there are too many Republicans who don't believe that Roe vs Wade should be overturned. As I have shown in the articles Pro-Life Regardless at and Pro-Life Republicans? Republicans John Warner and Frank Wolf from Virginia don't believe Roe vs Wade should be overturned.

When Roberts was chosen I wrote the article Roberts is no Rehnquist. Again, just because he is personally opposed to abortion doesn't mean he will do anything to stop it.

I have brought up before how we are in denial about the Bush administration and his supposed Pro-Life stance. He has been in office for 4 years and not once has he showed up for the annual March for Life in Washington D.C., even though the March is held 100 yards from his window.

Hundreds of thousands of us Pro-Lifers show up from all over the world and he can't walk out his front door to speak in person?

As Rodney would say "I (we) can't get No Respect".

President Bush does his yearly token "call-in" supporting Pro-Lifers but that is as far as he goes and that's not far enough!

Let's put "End Roe vs Wade" in the Bush administration to a vote

Condoleezza Rice - nay
Gale Norton - nay
Ann Veneman - nay
George Bush - nay
Laura Bush - nay
President Bush's mother - nay
Edward Gonzales - nay
Colin Powel - nay

And these are just the people who have spoken out in opposition to ending Roe vs Wade.

Now we have to wait until Judge Alito is confirmed and in office before we know if he will work to overturn Roe vs Wade. We won't know what Judge Alito will do because he won't come right out and say that abortion is evil and it needs to end. Why not? If it is evil and it needs to end, why not speak out against it? Why do Pro-Lifers have to play a stealth game of morals hide & seek?

Republicans say there shouldn't be an abortion litmus test. I passionately disagree. I want people who are going who are in the most important offices in our country to be Pro-Life!

Abortion is worse than racism and the Holocaust, but many don't want to elevate it to that status. Many want to keep it as an "opinion" issue so that people can say "let's just agree to disagree". Abortion is worse than racism and the Holocaust because abortion kills 4,000 people every day and corrupts or damages the minds of the 12,000 people who have them / participate in them. The mother has the abortion, the father does nothing about it and the "doctor" performs the act. Most likely the doctor is supported by 1 or 2 nurses, so that would mean at least 12,000 people every single day in this country are directly taking part in the murder of an innocent, helpless human being.

We united to end racism, now let's unite to end abortion!

Friday November 4th is the next Call for Life day at Once a month on the first Friday we unite to call, email, fax, write or march to let our representatives know we want abortion to end.

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