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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Swimming the Mainstream Blogspot

Howard Dean made this comment this evening on Fox News:

"We outta find out whether he believes that a woman has a right to make up her own mind about her health care or whether the government should be doing that for her"
He also made another comment on how President Bush is "appealing to the far right by picking someone out of the mainstream".

For Howard Dean to come out and say that President Bush is picking someone out of the mainstream is like a frog telling a bird he shouldn't be flying. Howard Dean is so far out of the mainstream his eyes are going dry and he wouldn't recognize a moderate if one voted for him.

Is Judge Alito out of the mainstream left wing? I hope so. Is he out of the mainstream of the right wing or the rest of America? I doubt it.

I believe Judge Alito should answer the Pro-Life question "Will you overturn Roe vs Wade?" with, "I will handle each case based on its merit". I don't want a judge to walk in and say he is going to swing the gavel to suit his own personal beliefs. I want a judge who will uphold the Constitution of the United States, unlike those judges who created the Roe vs Wade fiasco in the first place!

Do I want him and the United States to overturn Roe vs Wade? 100% you bet I do, but I want him to do it according to law. Abortion is murder and it should be illegal. A "Right to Privacy" ruling should not have made it legal. My wife said the other day

"if you think about it, abortion wasn't illegal before Roe vs Wade right?. So if it wasn't illegal, it was just a matter of time before someone came along and made it legal. The rest of us just thought of this as a "duh, of course abortion is wrong and it should be illegal" situation"

How many more of these "duh" situations were there?

The Supreme Court abandons the "trimester" approach to abortion that was institutionalized in Roe vs. Wade and which outlined a woman's and states' rights during each trimester of a pregnancy.

Justices also rule that a state may assert its interest in the fetus throughout a pregnancy, but determine that states may not place substantial obstacles in the path of a woman seeking an abortion.

President Clinton lifts the so-called gag rule that forbade doctors in federally funded clinics from mentioning abortion as an option. He also lifts a ban on the use of fetal tissue in research.

Clinton vetoes legislation that would have banned a type of late-term abortion.

Children are killed all the way up to the day they could be born by murdering thugs like George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas. Murderers like Tiller are the people who Howard Dean believes the mainstream supports. When the stories of his brutal late-term killings come out it will be like the day American soldiers stepped into Nazi death camps.

America starts "Gender Trials" where people can pick the sex of the child they want.

"Tired of so many boys? Don't worry, we'll kill all the boys and let you just pick the girl out of the bunch. Kind of like being able to take your pick out of the litter of kittens right"?
America will become educated about what has been happening for 32 years. Millions of men and women already know. They either had abortions or encouraged their wives and girlfriends to have abortions.

A large percentage of Americans has already experienced abortion, personally or through wives, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends. The question is, will you turn against it or will you stay silent and let others suffer the save fate that you have already suffered?

If a person is dying next to you, do you save them or let them die?

Your choice

Do something to help end abortion. Join us this Friday in the Monthly Call for Life. Don't walk away from your responsibility.
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