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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mother's Day at the Abortion Mills

American Life League was kind enough to help wordsmith & promote a new effort put together by called "Mother's Day at the Mills".

Every year on Mother's Day we celebrate and commemorate those wonderful women who are and have been mothers, grandmothers and godmothers. We honor them for accepting the God-given gift of life and for the many sacrifices they make in fulfilling this awesome responsibility.

This year, and every year hereafter, we would like to take that celebration of motherhood just one step further by helping those who are not as confident about the new gift of life given to them. We are encouraging pro-lifers to coordinate and/or attend prayer vigils at abortion mills on the Saturday prior to Mother's Day (this year, May 13). On this day in particular, we encourage pro-lifers to pray that the mothers visiting these mills will have a change of heart and decide to give their children a chance at life, sparing both their children and themselves all of the suffering that accompanies the deadly act of abortion.

Even if you are already involved in a pro-life project, even if you already dedicate time at a mill on other days, please make time on Saturday May 13 to pray at an abortion mill near you. If there is no mill near you, make time on that day to pray that all expectant mothers considering abortion decide to choose life and celebrate motherhood.

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