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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

65 out of 490

"According to a report in the Canton Repository, 65 girls of the 490 females at Timken High School are with child – a number confirmed by Principal Kim Redmond."

65 girls pregnant out of 490 total at the high school. Everybody is asking why and there is plenty of blame to go around.

There is no doubt Planned Parenthood is making phone calls to local and state represetatives with their solution, which is to kill the babies in order to lower the statistics. Anywhere Planned Parenthood is involved in the school system they will be encouraging our children to have abortions. That is, after all, what the school system and the local and state governments pay them to do.

They may pretend that Planned Parenthood is just helping out by freeing the young girls from a life of misery but we know what their solution brings, namely death, depression and misery.

It's simple folks.

Sex = Baby

Why don't we seem to get this? How can there be 100s of news reports on this topic asking the question why?

Sex = Baby

I guess one part of the Student Conduct Code was missing, don't have rampant sex resulting in many children.

If we don't teach our children responsiblity and consequences they will get pregnant. Condoms and birth control pills are guaranteed to do two things:

1) They guarantee our children will have sex
2) They guarantee our children will have babies (unless PP intervenes witht their "final solution")

Schools, local, state and federal governments may be temped with the solutions of PP, but there should never be a solution involving killing someone to save money or to improve statistics.

Let's move on to some other comparisons:

The rate of teen pregnancy in other areas of Stark County, Ohio, is considerably less – with just 7 percent of births to children compared to 18 percent in Canton.

Notice how they say in Stark County the numbers are so much lower? PP most likely already operates there and kills the children before they see the light of day.

Thank you for choosing Planned Parenthood for your family planning and reproductive health care needs. Planned Parenthood of Stark County provides affordable, high quality reproductive health care and family planning services to nearly 8,000 individuals and families at our health center in Canton Ohio.

All services are confidential regardless of age or marital status. Client fees are based on income and household size

I love how they phrase that, "Planned Parenthood of Stark County provides affordable, high quality reproductive health care and family planning services". Wow, that sounds so clean and respectable. The problem is, they don't provide reproductive health care, they kill babies and they don't plan families, they eliminate them before they can get started.

PP gets themselves interwoven with the community after a while and they seem like a part of the solution of pregnancy instead of the problem with killing unborn people.

Stark County has no problem listing the local PP representative Bonnie Bolitho of Planned Parenthood of Stark County. Ironically the statement "Help me grow" is in this section:

"Prevention - Working earlier to serve families in need is a primary goal of the Council. Current efforts include:

Help Me Grow
Early Childhood Resiliency Project
Ohio Children’s Trust Fund
Shared Beginnings
School/Community partnerships

We can't help children grow if we kill them.

I know I don't have all the facts in this case but I don't have to. I know what Planned Parenthood does for a living. I know they are hawking their wares to everyone who will listen and they are financially contributing to representatives of government, local libraries, local and state projects and anywhere else their PAC can toss money to lubricate the wheels of business.

Tomorrow I'll show you how they have hooked themselves directely into the state of Ohio.

We need to tell them to take their business somewhere else! Let's stand up to PP and the rest of the abortion industry. Let's stand up to our representatives and demand change!

Join us at Our next Call for Life is on the 2nd of September. Go to the web site for everything you need to do your part. Stop complaining, start doing something and start challenging your proLife friends and family to do the same.

We will end abortion through our proLife voices and keyboards.
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