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Thursday, August 18, 2005

State or Federal

The number of abortion providers has been falling steadily since Roe vs. Wade upset this land.  In conservative states there aren’t many clinics available and in other states they are slowly diminishing.

The question is what will be the final blow to abortion, a state law or a federal law?  My answer, it doesn’t matter and we shouldn’t count on either.  What we need to do is become more vocal every day.  No, I don’t mean yell “Murderer!” at people, I mean we need to contact all our representatives to let them know how we feel.  When we challenge them to do the right thing I believe they will because they know if they don’t they might not be in office next time.

So don’t count on any particular branch of government, let them all know how you feel so none of them will feel left out.

Don’t think we don’t have to keep on the pressure just because abortion providers are losing their business.  It doesn’t mean they’re going out of business, it means they will still making money killing children and will use their profits to figure out how to sell us death in another way.  You know who the main culprit is already, Planned Parenthood.

Be a part of changing history in America and be a hero to children who will be born by your actions.  

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