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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pain in the womb

Whenever I challenge people about how our representatives have not done a thing in 32 years to end abortion people always give excuses for them. Why do we have to give excuses for our proLife representatives and why we think we should have to figure out what ingenious methods they will use to end abortion?

One of those issues I couldn't stand was what I referred to as the "mercy killing" law. Our reps reasoned that a baby feels pain so why shouldn't we administer a sedative so when it is killed it won't hurt? On both sides of the isle there was reaction to this of course.

The proAborts say you can't prove that there is pain and just trying to do so will go down the slippery slope of when Life begins. They don't want Life to begin until the baby is born of course.

The proLifers say a baby feels pain when it is ripped to shreds so it is only right and humane to drug the person before you rip the baby to shreds. Of course they want this slippery slope to be opened so they can point to the fact that it is a human being inside and therefore needs protection from the forceps, not just pain medication.

This is not the proper argument for proLifers. The only argument is that ripping a human being to shreds inside a womb is the wrong thing to do. I can't believe these childish arguments that our adult proLife reps present in order to try and change the abortion laws.

The AP released a story tonight called "fetishes Do Not Feel Pain Until Late Pregnancy",2933,166555,00.html

I knew this would happen.

How do you know a fetus feels pain? Can you ask him/her?


This was the wrong path to go down and it will hurt the proLife cause.

Insist that Life is important in the first place. Let's quit the studies and just stick with the fact that abortion is killing a human being and it needs to stop.

That is exactly what we are proposing at

Join us for the Monthly Call for Life on the first Friday of every month until we have ended abortion.

Do your part to end abortion. Don't leave it to others to do it for you!
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