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Friday, August 19, 2005

Legislating Morality

Though abortion shouldn't be a legal issue it has become one because our politicians and judges have made it so by making it a legal right.  Morally there can't be anything more repugnant then killing a child in the womb, but with over a million abortions in America every year, we are beyond treating this as a simple moral issue.

It is mass murder.

The laws of our land turn from Judeo/Christian morality because many who don't believe in God say morality can't be legislated.  Many say "don't legislate your morality on me".

Our country is going through a decisive phase.  We are trying to figure out what should be legislated and what shouldn’t.  There are issues such as bestiality, pedophilia, polygamy and homosexuality, bisexuality, transexuality and transgender that are being presented as “rights”.  Those who support those issues can easily point to their main argument in legal issues, the fabricated “Separation of Church & State”.

Don’t think they’re not trying to make pedophilia a right.  One visit to NAMBLA’s home page will wake you up:

And they have the ACLU behind them.

Transgenders are getting money from the state to pay for their sex change operations, which they refer to as sex-reassignment surgery.

Many people argue the phrase “Separation of Church & State” is in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights.  Challenge them to find it, they won’t be able to.

The point was the “legislature should `make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.  I believe that means our government should not establish a religion and impose religious rule over Americans.  This concept eventually wound up in the 1st amendment to the Constitution.

This site explains the whole “establishment clause” better than I do.

What the establishment clause does not do is say that the government should not legislate issues based on a religious moral foundation.  I believe this is the main point when it comes to a people of laws.  Our laws have to be based on some kind of standard.  If we don’t have absolutes we have morality that changes based on the view of right and wrong at the time.  

For years we were scared by Orwell and “Big Brother”, but when 1984 came and went without his predictions coming true, everyone just breathed sigh of relief and went back to their daily lives.

We turned our backs too soon.  As a matter of fact, we should never turn out backs on our government.  What government can, has already and will do is enough to scare you out of your mind!  Along with the others I mentioned above, we have these major issues:

> California and other states are currently funding embryonic stem cell research.  It is not only legal to kill people for research, it is funded by the state governments.  > President Bush passed laws allowing existing embryonic stem cell lines (culled from murdered people) to be used for research.  His administration proudly proclaimed he was the first president to fund this kind of research.
> We used to think we were safe in our homes, but the Supreme Court recently ruled that if a local government wants your land for any reason, such as to put up a casino, they can take your home away from you.
> Planned Parenthood, the educators of death have open access to our schools and our children.  They encouraged our government and schools to allow them to teach our children about sex, pass out condoms which are guaranteed to fail, and finally, as a result of the first two, kill our grandchildren without our permission.

And of course, one of the biggest violations of decency in the history of man, we kill over one million human beings by abortion every year.

Deviant sexual behavior is being taught and encouraged in our schools.  LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people impose their behavior and morality on us but God forbid we want to pray in school. even has a nice section on:
“Making Schools Safe for Homosexuals “
“Learn techniques to create a safe environment for homosexuals, bisexuals and transexuals in school”.

Nice that is if you are in to that kind of thing.

Why do our children have to be subjected to their immorality while their children are “protected” from our morality by the ACLU?  We, as well as our children, are forced to take sensitivity training at work and at school.  Why can’t we require sensitivity training for Christianity or Judaism?

You may think I’m being a bigot or that I am getting carried away with how bad I think things have gotten, but remember, a human being is killed every 24 seconds by abortion.  Am I really getting carried away?

Most likely, we people of faith will have to pull our children out of public schools if we want to maintain control over their lives, minds and morals.  Many are already Homeschooling.  California didn’t like Homeschooling much.  They tried to make it illegal.  They wanted to keep our children in their care where they could influence their minds however they choose.

So who is legislating morality?  Those who oppose Christian morals, that’s who.  They will never accept Christian morals.  They will force us to accept theirs, under penalty of arrest, ridicule, fines and condemnation.

If a transgender man who obviously looks like a man, splotched with horrible makeup, speaking 3 octaves lower then you, looking awkward in a dress and walking awkward in high heels comes to your place of business and applies for a job as a receptionist, guess, what, you are going to have to hire him.  And you will have to call him “her” or you will be fined or imprisoned.

And we can’t pass laws stopping them from killing 4,000 children a day?

What is wrong with us?

America, God is challenging us to do what we need to do to end abortion.  We need to speak up as we have never spoken up before.  It is our moral responsibility to do so.

Join us at the Monthly Call for Life at and let your voice be heard.  Call your senators, governor, president and a local abortion clinic on that day to let them know you want abortion to end.

We have been silent for too long.  Over 46 million people have died and it’s time to stop!

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