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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Born to Abort?

Geraldo Rivera said "I think that I believe that child molesters - and I want to be very clear that I'm not saying it's like homosexuality,"


"It's absolutely different. It's a totally different situation. But I believe that, like homosexuals, child molesters are born not made. They are not cured. You don't cure someone from being gay. It's insulting to gay people to say that you can cure them. It is a criminal justice, law and order reality, harsh reality, that you cannot cure a child sex predator. They are born that way. They will always be sexually attracted to children."

This is the typical view from people who believe we aren't personally responsible for our actions. Let's take this a little further shall we?

> They are born to rape
> They are born to kill
> They are born to view pornography
> They are born to have sex with animals
> They are born to abort their children

Rivera tries to make the case that homosexuals are also born not made. Countless homosexuals who are now straight would disagree with him I believe.

The testimonials on that page show you God can show us the way if we let him.

We are born humans. We learn right from wrong, and as we get older we either try to pursue righteousnessss, personal pleasure or a combination of the two. Either of the two can be evil by themselves or in combination.

Our challenge as human beings is to pass on God's message in a way that others can make the right decisions based on it. I believe moral decisions are personal decisions that we make not because we want to, but because we know they are right.

I often tell kids it doesn't matter what you do in front of your parents since those actions are typically only for show and approval. What matters the most is what we do when we are alone, when nobody else is watching...except for God.

When we are alone, do we:

> clean as well as we should?
> help others as much as we could?
> wash our hands when we should?
> say thank you and be kind to others?
> drive with courtesy, respect for others and kindness?
> pick up a piece of trash when we see it?

Think of all the good things you teach your children and imagine if they only did those at home to please you. Imagine your children walking out the door, dealing drugs, hitting innocent children, stealing everything in sight and being loud, rude and obnoxious.

Scary isn't it? I see it all the time. We know what it is called, it's the Eddie Haskell syndrome.
"You look wonderful today Mrs. Cleaver".

The other day a woman was making excuses for her son when I told her that her son was a bully. The reason I had to tell her that her son was a bully was because I had spent 5 hours with this boy, who is about 8 years old, scaring the 6 other children who were in the group when we went to a museum. He threatened the other children, pulled their arms to hurt them and swung his fists at them in mock attacks. After I explained some of this to her she said "maybe he was just acting out because he was upset about something". I said "no ma'am, your son is mean". I further explained the things he did and she proceededed to make excuses for him again. I told her again, "no ma'am, I'm sorry, but your son is just mean". She again proceeded to make excuses for him and then I presented her with a photograph that I had taken of him swinging at a boy who couldn't hear or talk and wore a special electronic device attached to his head. I once again said "ma'am, I'm sorry, but as I have been saying, your son is a mean kid and he needs help." She took the picture and left with her son and I'm sure nothing serious came out of that situation. I told the instructor that my son had also complained about his boy and told me that the boy was kicking other children in the groin.

Two weeks went by, and I heard more news about this boy. One of the other children came forward and told an administrator that the other kid made the following statement to him:

"I'm going to smash your brains in and kill you, then I'm going to go over to your parents house and kill them too".

The instructor was relieved to know that he already asked the mother to withdraw the child from the facility, but as I mentioned to him, now the child is going somewhere else to torment others.

We can't allow our children to raise themselves because they will become what they perceive to be reality. That might be whatever they read in comic books or what they see on TV or in the movies. We have to help our children understand right from wrong from day one. We have to help children who don't have parents learn right from wrong.

I believe God gave us free will and we are free to do every stupid and bizarre thing we can think of. I believe many people will do many stupid and bizarre things.

We can't legislate morality, but we can create laws protecting us from those whose morals allow them to kill, rape or molest children. As we have seen from the many high-profile cases in the last year, men who molest children will continue to do so even after having been incarcerated. Some will keep doing it until they kill or seriously injure a child.

Are these people born this way? Of course not. To say so would be like saying I was born to pick my nose.

People develop habits, either physically or in the mind. If you continue the habit in the mind, eventually it is likely it will become a physical habit. That is why the Bible tells us that to think of good things, not bad.

Matthew chapter 5 (NLT)
27 "You have heard that the law of Moses says, 'Do not commit adultery.' 28 But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust in his eye has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

The point is we do what we think and we need to keep our thoughts pure so we can do what is right.

Geraldo is right, you cannot "cure" a gay person and you cannot "cure" a child molester, but I believe they can both be healed by God.

We need to teach good to each other. We need to help each other. What we focus on we will do and/or become. If you haven't learned this yet, an important saying for driving is, "look at what is around the curve not at the tree in front of you". If we focus on the tree or teach others to only focus on the tree, we will hit the tree. If we focus on good things and teach good things we can expect good things.

If we focus on God and teach God, we can expect God to be a part of our lives and those around us.
I believe in the absence of good and God we become evil. We do whatever we can think of because there is no reason not to. Many want to believe there is no God so they can give themselves permission to do whatever feels good. Homosexuality, orgies and so on are all "natural" to them since they don't put us above anything. We are only animals who do whatever we want. We humans don't function well without limits. Lord of the Flies is a good example of this.
Don't you think it's interesting that being good and becoming a better person takes work whereas being evil is almost natural and wouldn't take much work to pursue? It's kind of like cleaning. We don't want to do it but we have to because if we don't our houses will become pig sties. How much easier would it be to look at every member of the opposite sex and lust after them instead of trying to think decent thoughts instead? For those who are stronger and bigger, it would be much easier for them to push us out of the way so they could be first in line right? Why study when you can cheat?
It takes work to be a decent, caring, patient and loving person. For some it may come natural, but I believe most of us have to be taught, by example and by lesson. We have to learn and be encouraged to do the right things, and do the same for others. I also believe that's what God expects from us.
I don't believe we are "born homosexuals" or "born child molesters" Learning to be a good person is a lifelong process and starts the day we are born, maybe even while we are in the womb.
Throughout our lives we interact with God to develop our minds, body and soul. As you might have heard "we are a work in progress".

Time for the end of article pitch for Life.

Join us this Friday for the next Monthly Call for Life at If we focus on saving the 4,000 babies a day who die right now because of abortion we will save them. Don't let naysayers distract you from thirighteousus mission. We must end abortion. We must stay determined and focused on the end goal, people being born not killed.
It will take work. It will take your actions to do what is necessary to end abortion. - Go now, do your part to save lives. Don't put it off any longer and encourage others to join us!
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