Join The Monthly Call For Life: Important Add-on to the last article

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Important Add-on to the last article

I forgot to point out an important part of the PP statement in Stark County. It started out like this:

Thank you for choosing Planned Parenthood for your family planning and reproductive health care needs. Planned Parenthood of Stark County provides affordable, high quality reproductive health care and family planning services to nearly 8,000 individuals and families at our health center in Canton Ohio.

and followed with this:

All services are confidential regardless of age or marital status. Client fees are based on income and household size

Doesn't it make you wonder what they are referring to when they are talking about "regardless of age"?

They're not trying to say you could be too old to get an abortion. What they're trying to say is they will give an abortion to anyone capable of getting pregnant. The average girl is capable of having a child as young as 12 or 13, though it is possible that a child could get pregnant as young as 8 years old.

PP makes it seem as if they have the best interests of our children in mind, so why are they fighting nationwide battles to make sure parents aren't notified when our children are pregnant and why aren't we notified when our children have abortions?

Why? They say it is because of the dangers we the parents might pose to our children. We the parents are more dangerous than they the abortion providers who kill our grandchildren. There might be a few parents who would cause their children to become pregnant or might harm their children, but does this mean the rest of us responsible and caring parents should have this vital information witheld from us because of them? Planned Parenthood uses this an excuse to hide this important information from us so they can kill our grandchildren for a fee, and they are protected by law from having to tell us anything!

We should be demanding to know when our children are going to them for anything!

Why should our children be able to get free condoms in school? As previously mentioned, PP themselves state that condoms have a 15% guaranteed pregnancy rate, so again I ask, why do we allow them to pass condoms out to our children without our permission?

For all you parents who either hand out condoms or tell your children to have safe sex, you are playing Russian roulette with your child's future. Be responsible and help them avoid becoming pregnant. Challenge your boys to respect women. Challenge your daughters to wait until they are ready for the commitment of raising a child.

Those of you who haven't joined us in the Monthly Call for Life , go to and get the information you need for next week. On Friday the 2nd we need to let our representatives know we want abortion to end!

Keep the pressure on until this battle for Life is won!
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