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Thursday, August 25, 2005

If Roe vs Wade Were Overturned - Article Challenge

I disagree that it would just be another day if Roe vs Wade were overturned!

I think it is our moral duty to overturn this injustice that allows us to kill our children while sanctioned by our own United States Supreme Court. The law of our land stands for something and to pretend it doesn't is hiding from reality. Since Roe vs Wade the abortion rate went from perhaps a few thousand a year to over one million a year.

Laura Vanderkam from USA Today is hardly an expert on abortion. Her statistics though impressive looking are nothing more than smoke and mirrors trying to distract us from the fact that she doesn't understand what's at stake!

Few pro-life groups realize they've fought a 30-year battle to put just a handful of doctors out of business.

This is the only line I need from her article to prove my point. This "handful of doctors" as she puts it kills over 4,000 human beings a day, one every 24 seconds, over one million a year.

A law that gives permission to murder babies in the womb for convenience is not a good law.

I agree it can't just stop there. We need to stop abortion in the individual states as well. We need to contact our Governors, our President and our members of Congress.

Go to now and see how you can help end abortion, not just talk about how bad it is.

Join us once a month for the Call for Life. Do your part to help save future generations. The babies can't save themselves. They need you. Be a hero and do your part.

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