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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Isn't it ironic that a man was arrested for killing Latoyia Figueroa, who refused to kill her child for him? After all, he's just taking this whole "choice" thing to the next logical step isn't he?

Twenty-five-year-old Stephen Poaches probably figured, "why not, nobody's going to blame me for exercising my right to choose will they?"

Okay, so that was in poor taste.

So how are we supposed to hold him responsible for killing a woman who doesn't want to kill his child, which she could have done so legally at the nearest abortion clinic?

Planned Parenthood has the slogan "woman's right to choose" and she chose to keep her child and let it live. The opposite of course was to kill her child, which was all that Mr. Poaches was asking her to do. When she refused he decided it wasn't her choice.

Stephen will be very conflicted by this when he is in court for her murder. I wonder if he will ask how he can be put on trial for murder when we allow babies to be killed in the womb? I hope he does ask that question because I would love to see the looks on all the people in the courtroom as they struggle with trying to find a logical answer.

Speak up next Friday and help end abortion. Go to and join the Monthly Call for Life.

Say a prayer for all the victims of this crime, including Stephen Poaches, Latoyia Figueroa and her unborn child.
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