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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bloggers for Life

This an AWB (All Web Bulletin) for bloggers who are ready to end abortion. We must unite and use our proLife voices and keyboards to send a consistent Monthly Call for Life at to our representatives.

We are the modern day protesters. We don't have to go out into the streets, turn over cars and chant things over & over to get our message out. We have the power of the web and the power of God, and that is how we are going to let people in Washington know we are ready to end abortion!

Very soon we will start the physical marches (without the violence) in front of government buildings. This will lead up to the annual March for Life on January 22nd, the biggest proLife gathering in the world.

The project to end abortion received over 2000 visitors last month. I know that's not much compared to many of you out there. Some of you get that many in a day. But that's not bad for 2 Months is it? We've only been in full operation for two months and many other sites and proLife organizations are already on board and link to us.

Sites include but are not limited to:

American Life League
Jews For Life
Culture of Life
The Strata-Sphere

And more.

Our goal is 30,000 people calling for life by January 22nd, the anniversary of Roe vs Wade.

This is a God inspired project to unite all of us proLifers for the common goal of ending abortion.

We will send the message to our representatives to stop abortion now! We will repeat that message every month until they hear us. When our numbers are big enough we will call every week and then finally every day if we have to!

If you don't believe in God but you know abortion is wrong join us anyway to help end it.

Bloggers, this is what you can do to be a part of the biggest movement for change since the civil rights marches in the 60s.

First - Visit so you can see what we're about. Sign up for the newsletter and the Call for Life reminders if you want. We don't spam. We don't sell anything.

Second - Link to the site on your blog and let us know that you did it so we can reciprocate.

Third - Contact every blogger and every proLife person you know about the project.

Fourth - When the Call for Life comes up on the first Friday of the month, put the Stop Abortion Now logo and your own Call for Life message on your site to get people to call their representatives. The logo looks like this:

And the most important step of all, believe that God wants abortion to end and you have to do everything you can to help it end. Don't wait for the Supreme Court Justices to do what they should have been doing all along, demand it from them now!

Yes, pray, have faith and elect proLife representatives, but don't let it end there. You don't make a cake without putting the icing on it do you? So let's let our elected and nominated representatives know what they are supposed to do, namely end the horror of abortion which has taken the lives of over 40 million Americans so far!

Let's get loud now!

Join us and spread the word

and the Monthly Call for Life
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