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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Dividing Line

My article yesterday focused on the fact that many Republicans are not conservatives. Today we will see though they aren't conservative, they typically vote in favor of proLife laws unlike their Democrat counterparts, but in the end, party affiliation does not end abortion alone.

Arlen Specter for instance is not a total proLife advocate though he has voted for proLife issues. One of the things that separates him from what I would call a conservative is that he supports embryonic stem cell research.

For the most part though, most Republicans vote in favor of restrictions to extreme procedures such as partial-birth abortions.

Republicans are still Pro Life overall and democrat's are still pro Death overall. I will go out on a limb and venture a guess of 90% proLife votes on the Republican side and 90% proDeath votes on the Democrat side.

This is what I consider the biggest dividing line between the two parties. Both parties cater to big business and there are many other minor differences between the two. The biggest difference in my opinion is how each party views life.

Does Religion play a part? Not anymore. It used to be you would know a persons' views by their religion or lack thereof, but now you can't tell. John Kerry is a Catholic and is still proDeath, even though he acknowledges that Life begins at the moment of conception. Bill Clinton gives a large percentage of his lectures to America from the church pulpit and is proDeath. Churches around the country are becoming more accepting of people with different morals and values. Lesbians are not only accepted in the church, they are allowed to become ministers.

The dividing line of life is still there and we still have to base our votes on that issue, though there are many other issues we must pay attention to when voting. The first criteria as a conservative has to be that the person we vote for is proLife! We can then break down the separate issues from there. If a candidate is not proLife than you can be certain he/she will either not have other values we cherish, or he/she will change midstream with the prevailing winds.

We cannot and must not base our efforts to end abortion on the criteria of who is in office. Abortion kills a human being every 30 seconds in America and we must stop it regardless of the political affiliations of our representatives. We need to demand an end to abortion from Republicans, Democrats, and any other party that might pop up!

Join us in the Monthly Call for Life and help end abortion at We will succeed, but it will take longer without your help!

Even if you are already involved in a proLife effort, unite with us. It only takes 15 minutes of your time once a month.

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