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Sunday, September 18, 2005

(re)Writing History

Occasionally I will write a post that is not directly related to abortion, but the connection is still there.

Last night the "History" Channel put on a show about Hurricane Katrina. The show had plenty of good information, but there was also much speculation disguised as fact. The most misleading statement in the show was one by a person being interviewed as a so-called-expert who stated something along the lines that the flood was the fault of President Bush because he didn't fund the levees, he directed the money to Iraq instead.

I hate to tell you this "History Channel", but when New Orleans was founded way back in 1718 they were told by engineers not to build a city there because it would be threatened by water since much of the area was under sea level.

How can the "History" Channel pretend to know all the facts when it has only been two weeks since the Hurricane? How can the "History" Channel be so partisan as to put out a ridiculous one-sided statement such as this? Our liberal media is misinforming our children and our population on a daily basis and how are we supposed to know unless we are armed with the facts ourselves?

President Clinton had plenty of opportunity to help New Orleans as did all the other presidents in office for the last 200 years. Nobody did what was necessary since the creation of New Orleans and President Bush alone can't be help responsible.

The "History" Channel, the Discovery Channel and other liberal information stations and shows pretend to provide us with facts. They often lie and misrepresent instead.

We need to be close to our children when they watch these shows so we can inform them of the untruths when they are presented.

There are plenty of shows about Life and abortion on those channels. They purport to provide us with facts and information but we should know they have an agenda and protect ourselves from them.

Join the Monthly Call for Life at We will Call our Representatives on the first Friday of every month until they end abortion.

Simply getting a proLife person in office or on the bench does not guarantee abortion will end. Rehnquist was probably the most proLife person on the bench we will ever see and he didn't succeed in ending abortion.

Why? Because we the people didn't back him and demand an end to abortion. Seven out of 9 Supreme Court justices who have been sitting on the bench for the last 20 years were nominated by Republicans. If that wasn't enough to end abortion, nothing will ever be!

Even if you are already involved in a movement, join us anyway.

4,000 people will die by abortion today

Help those who might live tomorrow if you speak up

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