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Monday, September 19, 2005

proLife Good News

As mentioned on our sister site, Missouri children have a chance to live due to legislation just passed!

1) Children can't be driven out of state by any adult "other than a minor girl's parents" for an abortion.
Abortion practitioners must have admitting privileges in a local hospital within a 30 mile radius of the abortion facility.

You know it is a real success when abortion facilities are crying that they will have to shut down.

Michelle Turner-Collins, administrator of Springfield Healthcare Center, an abortion facility there, says the second provision essentially has closed the center. There is no local hospital within 30 miles of the abortion facility that has granted the abortion practitioner there to have admitting privileges.

Cry me a river

It's far from over of course. Planned Parenthood(lum) will sue, and they will sue with money given to them by your tax dollars. The 300 million American tax dollars given to them last year will pay for some high priced lawyers who will then make you pay again when Missouri has to hire their own professional legal team to combat PP.

These laws can be effectively overturned by Roe vs Wade because according to Federal law, a woman has a "right to privacy". I'm sure this will be the cornerstone of the lawsuit.

Congratulations proLife groups in Missouri! You have won a good battle.

Let's win the war on abortion. Help finish the job by standing up for the real "Woman's rights" movement, the right for them to be born.

Join us in the Monthly Call for Life at Even if you are already involved in a movement, join us once a month, it only takes 15 minutes once you find your contact information.

Let's keep the pressure on until we win this in the Federal courts and in the State courts.

It's not over until it's over so don't get relaxed!

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