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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Predators or Priests?

The media always has a field day when there is a Priest accused of abusing children of the church, but when it comes to sexual predators in the rest of society they are silent.

Judie Brown from American Life League makes the case that "health care agencies" "refuse to cooperate with law enforcement officials who are attempting to track down and penalize these deplorable deviants".

Why would they refuse? Because they are abortion facilities, and what do abortion facilities do? They kill people of course. So why would we assume that people working in those facilities have any more morals and values than the Soprano family? We wouldn't of course. After all, their business is killing people for a living isn't it? As a matter of fact, what abortion mills do is probably 1000 times more gruesome than what the Sopranos do.

Dismembering human babies a dozen times a day must make you callus to pain and human life don't you think?

Life Dynamics did a two year investigation on abortion facilities around the country.

'Life Dynamics legally recorded over 800 calls to Planned Parenthood and NAF facilities in which the caller portrayed a 13-year-old who was pregnant by a 22-year-old and wanted an abortion in order to hide this relationship from her parents and the authorities. While many clinic workers can be heard on the tapes telling the caller that this situation was unlawful and that they were legally mandated to report it to the state, 91% of these facilities still agreed to illegally conceal it.'

Our Grandchildren and children can get abortions without your knowledge after they are molested, abused, seduced or raped by a child predator. It would be one thing if our kids hid it from us because they were afraid of us, it's another for abortion facilities to encourage them to not speak of who might have done it so that the child or the facility won't have to answer to the state!

We hear of high-profile molesters who murder children occasionally, but we don't know that there are thousands of cases where the children aren't murdered and the predators get away because of corporations like Planned Parenthood who cover it up.

Why does the media go after the Catholic Church with such veracity and yet Planned Parenthood gets a pass? Most likely it is because the media believes in what Planned Parenthood does. They believe abortion is the law, it is normal and it is the right of every woman to have one.

That is why the media ignores the annual March for Life in Washington DC. If they do show up, it's for quick clips, and then on to the interviews with the few proAborts straggling around. Of course the proAborts get interviews and are asked questions like "how do you feel about people trying to take away your right to choose?"

The media is typically made up of liberals who only want to report the news the way they see it. Even Fox News with their purported "fair and balanced" presentation of the news ignores the abortion issue and the evils of Planned Parenthood.

"Come on, you're just a paranoid Pro Life zealot who thinks Planned Parenthood and proAborts are Satan's minions" you might say. So when was the last time you even saw a single story about Planned Parenthood on the 10 O'clock news?

Pedophile Priests have been in the news for years, but all the thousands of other pedophiles and those who have covered up their actions, like Planned Parenthood, are not even brought up.

The media just wants to show how Americans suffer under the rule of Catholic Church.

Do a search for your local predators here:

I bet you won't find many Priests on that list. There are "60,000 to 70,000 arrests each year for sex crimes against children".

USA Today article

These are just the ones they catch. How many do you think get away because of Planned Parenthood? Probably hundreds of thousands.

Help stop abortion. Help stop Planned Parenthood.

Do something to stop the murder of 4,000 children a day in America.

Join us at in the Monthly Call for Life. It only takes 15 minutes a month. Even if you already are involved in a proLife movement of some kind, it is through our united efforts we will end abortion.

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