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Friday, May 12, 2006

Columbia's Slippery Slope to Death

You may wonder why many of us stick with the Life Principles as outlined at the March for Life Education and Defense Fund web site. The reason is that if we allow people to experiment with or create conditions on the life and death of human beings, we will come up with all kinds of creative ways to kill or allow human beings to be killed.

There are so many inventive reasons we as humans want to come up with "exceptions" to abortion.

Columbia, South America used to have solid Pro-Life laws in place. No more. points out that they have switched:

"from a complete ban on abortions to allowing them in cases of rape or incest. The court also allowed abortions in very rare situations when it could be necessary to save the life of the mother."

If that wasn't bad enough:

The court also ruled that abortions could be done in cases where the baby has severe physical and mental disabilities.

Who do you think is going to make these decisions? Columbia is going to kill their people en mass like we and many other pro-death countries do.

Attorney Monica Roa, affiliated with the pro-abortion group Women's Link, applauded the decision, saying "This is a victory for women unparalleled in our country." She led the court battle to weaken the abortion ban.

A victory for women? Half of those killed will be women, how is that a victory?

This ruling went through even though 65.6% of the Columbian people supported an abortion ban.

Abortion is murder, even if you come up with glorified or benevolent reasons for doing it. Columbian pro-death representativess just wrote an abortion law, packaged it and snuck it through the back door.

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