Join The Monthly Call For Life: The Monthly Call For Life Is Today!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Monthly Call For Life Is Today!

Join the Monthly Call For Life Today & Tomorrow - May 5th & 6th

MarchTogether For Life Today

Join us today & tomorrow for the nationwide Monthly Call for Life at

Today (Friday, May 5th) On Saturday the 6th of May from 9:00 am till 11 we will be at the Falls Church, Virginia abortion mill at 900 South Washington St., (Lee Hgwy). Others will be there in the morning as well. Help boost our numbers. We should be able to get at least 30 people there.

Why Saturday?

Saturday is the day when more people can physically participate in outdoor Action Calls. Also, students have off from school and many people don't have to work.

Every 30 seconds or so another human being is killed in the United States of America. Over three thousand people will not see the light of day today and every day until we end the horror of abortion.

What are the things we do in our battle against abortion?

> Pray
> Debate
> Protest
> Use signs
> Outreach
> Crisis pregnancy
> Cross our fingers
> Insert yours here
> Legal battles

These are all good things (though I don't think crossing your fingers is going to do much good) but there is something more that we can all do. We can speak for the unborn. We can be their voice. We can cry out for them. All the things that I have listed are good but it cannot end there.

We must do more, and often.

Unite with us once a month on the first Friday and the first Saturday.

On Friday we call our representatives, send them an e-mail, and/or March on a government building or abortion clinic.

On Saturday we march on a local abortion clinic or hospital which is performing abortions.

Participate in both of these efforts, for they are each equally important.

Go to for more information. We help you figure out who to call, when to call and what you might want to say.

Sign up for the newsletter/reminder. Then, tell at least one more person to join you for the next Call for Life.

Remember, they only have us to speak for them, and if we don't, they die in absolute silence.

United We Stand - Divided They Die - Pass it on
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