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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Some Notes & Another Save!

Another save at the Falls Church, VA abortion mill

There are frequent saves at abortion mills. Many women are looking for an "out" and our presence can be all it takes to encourage them to deny the abortionist.

A woman went to the Falls Church abortion mill at 900 S. Washington st. on Saturday for an abortion. There were about 10 deathscorts present, but that didn't stop us from saving a life that day.

After seeing us Pro-Life folks there & hearing us plead for her not to kill her child she burst into tears and turned away from the mill!

If you live in the Falls Church, VA area, please come to the abortion mill at 900 S. Washington St. on Saturday mornings and help us close this murder mill. We are there from 7:00 am till 11:00 am.

Mother's Day at the Abortion Mills

Please bring your wife & children to the abortion mills this weekend. Remember, they will be killing human beings there. Each facility is a killing zone where human beings will be ripped from the wombs of mother's-to-be. Your presence can save a life.

Remember, you can run, but they (the unborn) can't hide from the abortionist. It is your moral duty to get into the streets and speak out against the horror of abortion. This isn't a lecture, it's a cry against murder!

Will you turn your back on the unborn?

Andrea Clark

Andrea Clark died the other day. It was sad to see her pass away, but at least it was under natural circumstances instead of "pulling the plug" on her. Her sister, Melanie Childers, spent so much time fighting for her sister's right to live that she didn't have much time to spend in the hospital, at her sister's side. She said:

"How, in the name of God, anyone can call putting someone to death when they are at their most helpless and begging for their lives "ethical," we cannot imagine" Article

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