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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


What if your insurance company says they won't cover you because you have the possibility of
delivering babies with Down Syndrome or any other ailment which might prove to be too costly for them?

It would be a pre-existing condition wouldn't it?

What if they examine our babies in the womb and find out all the afflictions our children might have before they are born?

Those would be pre-existing conditions wouldn't they?

If we allow our scientists, doctors and government to decide how much information will be gleaned from our DNA and for what usage, eugenics will be the norm. Selective breeding will be the norm. Gender breeding will be the norm.

There is no way we should assume decency when it comes to these issues. Abortion isn't decent is it? There will always be those who want to cheat and if we don't rein in those with the laboratories and those in office we will be their guinea pigs. They will decide when we or our children live or die.

We already are.

In vitro fertilization, stem cell research, selective breeding in the womb, abortion on demand, human creation in the lab... all these things are reality today. This isn't some future science fiction novel, this is happening right now in the United States!

We have to speak up now and stop this madness. I don't think we can go after all the issues at the same time, but with out united voices we sure can change them one at a time.

Join us in the Monthly Call for Life at Do your part to stop abortion. It only takes 15 minutes a month and together we will succeed.

We will be heard!

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