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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hippocratic Oath

I bring up the Hippocratic Oath every once in a while because it is always relevant. I know that back in the day they were praying to the God Apollo instead of Jesus, but even 2400 years ago some people still had morals and values. Doctors believed their craft was meant to serve mankind, save lives and do good, unlike now, where they believe they should experiment on us, kill our children and kill us if we are "suffering".

Here is a part from the original oath:

- I will neither give any deadly drug, having been asked for it, nor will I guide the same advice. Similarly, I will not give an abortifacient pessary to a woman. In purity and in holiness I will maintain my life and my art.

Any reference to this effect has been removed from the modern oath.

We are lab rats now. The Island came out a few weeks ago and got a lot of people scared about what might happen in the future, but the problem is the things that were covered in the movie are already happening today.

- The Ukraine pays women to kill their babies so they can be ground up for youth potions. The older the baby, the greater the fee. Kill your child right before birth and you have a gold mine!
- Embryonic stem cell research is in full swing around the world, including the United States. Just because President Bush didn't fully fund it doesn't mean it isn't funded. California invested billions into the project already. Instead of being the first president to fund embryonic stem cell research he should have been the first president to ban it!
- Scientists are using parts of humans to create embryos from scratch. They call them "virgin births" and say it doesn't have the moral problems associated with traditional embryonic stem cell research. Wrong, they are still creating life to use as they wish in whatever ghastly experiments they choose.

It is up to us citizens of the world to stand up and demand an end to the experiments of the doctors and scientists. It is up to us to stop funding their experiments.

ProDeath individuals believe abortion is proLife.

Their sick, twisted minds carry over to the medical and scientific field and we are their guinea pigs.

This issue will be addressed by us soon in future Calls for Humanity. Right now we are focusing on ending abortion at and the Monthly Call for Life.

Join us and pass it on,

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