Join The Monthly Call For Life: John Robert's and the Supremes

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

John Robert's and the Supremes

I believe we ProLifers need to push forward one major point, it's time to end abortion. For 32 years we have struggled to get proLife representatives into office and yet 32 years later abortion is still legal.

I don't believe for one second John Roberts is a staunch proLifer and I really don't care. If you and I demand an end to abortion, they will stop abortion regardless of who's in office. I am a conservative but so what? I should demand an end to abortion from liberals too right?

American proLifers, through our united efforts, we will end abortion. Continue doing whatever you are doing, such as helping proLife candidates get elected or working in proLife facilities. I'm not saying what you are doing is wrong. What I am saying is we need to unite for the common cause of ending abortion.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, join us in the Monthly Call for Life at We will call our representatives and tell them that it is time to end abortion until they do it.

When are numbers are sufficient we will call every week and then every day. We will begin marching on Washington every month starting in October, even if we only have a few of us to start. I will have information up on where & when we will march in the next couple of days. Obviously the day we will march is the March Together for Life day.

Thousands of you come to every month. Take the initiative to call your representatives on the Call for Life day. The next one is October 7th. Everything you need to do and say is on the web site.

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