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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Who's Providing Life Solutions anyway?

Yesterday I responded to an article which slammed us proLifers for not catering the desires of the proAbort crowd at every turn by providing adoption for every unwanted child.

The original post of his is here

This was my follow-up

To which he responded with this

This is an important topic so I responded:

Let's start at the beginning here:

"don’t actually give two sh*** about life outside of making abortion illegal."

That is a bizarre statement isn't it? You are saying I don't care about life but I care about life? Remember, we are proLife, your side is pro?????. What is the opposite of Life? You just answered your own question didn't you?

I never said I don't care about what happens to children given up for adoption. I support agencies like and and the many others in America who try to help women who are going through trying times when faced with unwanted pregnancies.

My point is, pregnancy shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, and why should we be responsible for the irresponsible actions of others? I didn't say we don't help and support the women and their children, which we do.

Besides that, name me one proDeath birth clinic. Abortion clinics are there for one purpose obviously, $500.00 on the table and say goodbye to a human life. ProLife clinics are the ones helping the women with unwanted pregnancies. They help with money, clothes, psychological counseling, housing and more! Planned Parenthood offers the children of pregnant women death, and the mothers a lifelong struggle with depression, anxiety and suffering after they have killed their child.

So don't tell me proLifers don't care about women with unwanted pregnancies. You obviously have a modern day education and aren't debating with facts in hand.

I'm not judging, I'm not condemning. I feel sorry for our children who are sold the lies of Planned Parenthood, that sex can be safe and sexy and abortion free if their methods are followed.

It still doesn't mean they aren't irresponsible by having sex when they know it will result in a baby does it?

Women get pregnant and we pay for their abortions through Planned Parenthood as it is. This organization gets almost 300 million dollars a year from the United States government, your tax dollars, to promote their business. What does Planned Parenthood do for a living?

- abortion- safe sex (resulting in abortion)
- council our children in our schools about safe sex (resulting in abortion)
- birth control pills (resulting in abortion)
- distribute condoms (resulting in abortion)
- distribute morning-after pills (resulting in abortion)

Notice a pattern here?

Why do our school systems invite PP in for lectures on safe sex? Why are they allowed to hand out condoms and birth control pills in our schools without our permission? Why have they convinced many states it is in the best interests of our 12 year old girls to be able to get an abortion without parental consent and parental notification?

Our girls and our women of America are sold a lemon, namely that sex is fun and you don't have to pay a price for it. Unfortunately, any woman who has had an abortion will tell you they know what they have done after they have had an abortion. I guarantee it. I doubt you will ever see a woman come out of an abortion mill happy and proud of what she has just done. I doubt the answer to the question...

"Darlene Smithsky, you've just killed your child, what are you going to do now?!"

...will be "I'm going to Disney Land!".

ProLifers don't have a right to tell society what to do, but we do have a right to speak up for our children, our daughters, our wives and our the rest of the women of America. We have the right to say abortion is murder and demand an end to it!

Women of rape and incest have already been punished once, why would you ask them to kill their children and be damaged again?

Society does have an obligation to help children who are born in difficult circumstances. I've known a few women who have given their children up for adoption because they couldn't afford them at the time. They may have had irresponsible sex, but they did the most noble thing afterwards, they gave their children life. I honor and respect all women who have made the right "choice". I morne for the women and their children who have made the wrong one.

I ask women around the world to understand that there is no such thing as sex without consequences. If you have sex for the wrong reasons and at the wrong time, you will know it emotionally, physically and spiritually, and will eventually pay a price.

Join us in the Monthly Call for Life at We don't want your money, we want your time, namely 15 minutes every month on the first Friday.

Speak up and speak out. Don't leave it to others.

Pass it on. Use the power of the Internet to reach everyone you know and encourage them to tell everyone they know. We are in this together. This isn't "my" movement, this is a Call for Life to all those who know it is time to stop abortion.

Pass it on

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