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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's all our fault

ProDeath rationalization always amazes me. People choose to have sex resulting in pregnancies and we proLife people are supposed to be held responsible for their actions.

Article on Foster Care

"Because the pool of foster parents is so unfortunately small - the “pro-life” community hasn’t been adopting as many unwanted children as you might imagine - almost anybody who can breathe can be accepted as a foster parent. And they’re paid, which means that some people, the lowest of the low, welcome children into their homes only because there is money involved."

It's not our (proLifers) responsibility to take care of their children. It's not the responsibility of proLifers to pay for the care of children who are born unwanted. I do believe we have a duty to help those in need and provide what we can when we can, but don't lay a guilt trip on me because I am not adopting children who are born out of wedlock and aren't wanted!

The standard response to unwanted children is abortion, condoms and birth control instead of being responsible for your actions. This seems like the typical action from those who don't like to accept facts, like having sex, results in having a baby.

React - don't prevent or act ahead of time
React - don't profile or investigate possible terrorists because of race or religion - Able Danger anyone?
React - don't stop pedophiles from getting back into the community where they rape and murder our children
React - don't prevent pregnancy through education and support

I know some of you will say I am being callous and will throw at me the "rape and incest" mantra. Thirteen thousand women are pregnant yearly due to rape and incest. There would be more than enough people who want to adopt, proLifers and proAborts, to absorb that number into society.

As a society, we have to teach responsibility to our children and adults. There have to be consequences to actions like sex. Let's face it, sex can be fun! That said, it can also result in pregnancy, which for many people obviously isn't fun.

Killing our children is not the answer to the abortion problem, greater responsibility is.

The individual who spoke of the family who adopted and then put their children in cages said this:

"I’m advocating the death penalty for the Gravelle’s"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't proAborts typically anti-death penalty? We are usually challenged with "how can you be proLife when you want to kill murderers?".

I agree, the people who did this should be punished and this practice of adopting children for profit should be discouraged.

It is up to us as the American society to figure out what is decent and moral and we need to do this now!

The first step is for us to get rid of abortion. The intentional murder of our children has to end and we have to unite to make this happen.

Go to and join us in the Monthly Call for Life.

We can end abortion. We will end abortion.

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